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Innovation is a fundamental driving force in any industry, and the vaping sector is no exception–the vape design is a curse. As consumer demand has surged for enhanced experiences in vaping, companies have been relentless in their pursuit of creating products with different vape designs that offer longevity without breaching legislative boundaries. One such boundary is the Tobacco Products Directive (Tinch okeani kunduzgi vaqti) limit on elektron suyuqlik capacity. But ingenious minds have found a workaround.

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The 2ml E-liquid Constraint


Under the aegis of the Tobacco Products Directive, a stricture exists for e-cigarette tanks. Regardless of whether they’re permanent fixtures or attached to bir martalik devices, these tanks are legally obligated to house no more than 2ml of elektron suyuqlik. For a vaper, this translates roughly to a vaping experience lasting between 500 to 600 puffs.

The directive aimed to standardize and regulate the vaping experience, ensuring consistent levels of consumption. However, this limitation has also curtailed the evolution of e-cigarette technology to an extent, until now.


Beyond the 600 Puffs – Innovation Vape Design At its Finest


Emerging from the crucible of innovation, brands like IVG have heralded a new epoch in vaping. Their 2,400 puff product is not merely an audacious claim. It has taken the marketplace by storm and, notably, secured its standing in legality. Registered diligently with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), IVG’s offerings have even received the nod of approval from Trading Standards.


But how did they achieve this feat? The brilliance lies in the design. IVG’s device doesn’t house one single tank; it houses four, each with a 2ml capacity. Thus, in a technical and legal sense, they remain compliant with the TPD’s requirements, yet in a practical sense, they offer a vastly improved user experience.


This design methodology hasn’t remained exclusive to IVG. Happy Vibes Twist has adopted a similar approach with its 3,500 puff product. Even global giants like BAT have entered the fray with Vuse Go, ensuring 800 puffs with complete MHRA registration and TPD compliance.

Retailers’ Dilemma


While this new direction in vaping design has been a boon for consumers, it has also precipitated a wave of confusion for retailers. The commercial grapevine, consisting of suppliers and trade bodies, had long drilled in the notion that 600 puffs was the upper echelon. Any product offering beyond that was viewed with skepticism and often avoided to preclude potential legal entanglements.


However, as with any paradigm shift, knowledge is the panacea to such confusions. Retailers, in today’s rapidly transforming market, are urged to be proactive. Ensuring all vaping products on their shelves are registered with the MHRA is imperative.  Moreover, for those trailblazing products that promise an experience beyond 600 puffs, it is incumbent upon the retailer to demand evidence that the e-liquid capacity in individual tanks doesn’t exceed the sacrosanct 2ml limit.

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In the world of vaping, both makers and sellers need to follow the rules. With strong rules in place, the industry is set to grow a lot. New vape designs show how creative and determined the industry is to offer good products to users.

This shows how inventive people can be. Instead of just adjusting to challenges, we find new and better ways to do things. Vaping isn’t just another option to smoking anymore; it’s a sign of how modern design can change things. Every time you vape, you’re experiencing this change and progress.


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